Silent Disco

Looking for a unique experience?

Get ready to dance like nobody's watching with my silent disco service! My wireless headphones will transport you to a world of music and movement, where you can let loose and enjoy the party without disturbing the neighbors. With multiple channels to choose from, you can switch between genres or vibe with your friends to the same beat. Silent disco service will take your celebration to the next level. So grab a pair of headphones and join the fun - no judgment, no noise complaints, just pure, unadulterated joy!

How does it work?

Currently, I have 100pcs of wireless headphones available for Silent Disco. The headphones will last 8-10 hours on a single charge. Music is played into the headphones from any player. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop or mixing console can be used. You connect your chosen music player to the transmitter with a cable and set the channel number on the transmitter. You can tune to this channel on your headphones by pressing a button. The headphones can switch between three channels (3 different music styles). This is done by pressing the same button. The range of the headphones is up to 400m in open air. In normal conditions, it depends on distractions such as thick walls, windows, etc. However, I have tested that in a building, you can range 80 - 100m without any problems.

Standard package

  • 50 wireless headphones
  • 1x transmitter

Premium package

  • 100 wireless headphones
  • 3x transmitter